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Allihop is one of the four Swedish startups in the EU-backed scaleup program in sustainable mobility

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

"The selected from the top 13 European companies with different solutions for sustainable mobility in urban environments. "Important contact surface".

From 100 applications, EIT, the European Institute and Innovation & Technology - the EU's innovation body - have selected 13 companies for a scale-up program in urban mobility. Four of the companies are Swedish and operate in different segments within sustainable and urban mobility. One of them is Malmö-based Allihop, which developed a platform that will make it easier for companies to book sustainable business trips. Mainly through trains, but also by also weaving in other sustainable urban transport such as public transport and electrified modes of transport. The company has been backed by EIT's branch in urban mobility since day one and sees the program as an opportunity to take the next step. - We have had a good relationship with them since before and since we are in a scale-up phase as a company now, it feels natural to be part of an accelerator that focuses on that, says Allihop's CEO and co-founder, Nancy Adrenberg.

The Swedish companies in the same group

Through the program, the companies will go to a number of events with mobility as a theme this autumn, and mentors and advice are also included. The 13 selected companies are divided into two groups, where one group primarily focuses on attracting visibility. The second includes companies that are part of various pilot projects in cities around Europe. The four Swedish companies are all found in the first group. Another of these is Mioo whose platform is aimed at bicycle owners in urban environments. Through their app, cyclists can book service and repairs at home and can then continue to monitor the bike's health via the app. Within the app, there are also insurance services and protective markings for bicycles. Mioo is active in Stockholm and London today with roughly 20,000 users. But now they want to continue expanding in Europe. - We are targeting Germany as the next market, so the whole package that comes with this program is rewarding for us, says CEO and founder, also former professional cyclist, Tomas Grönqvist and continues: - Being able to go out to events and meet potential investors and partners, that contact surface becomes important to us. I also had a first mentoring meeting which was very rewarding.

Can facilitate recruitment

Allihop is operational in Sweden today and now aims to take the step out into Europe. Partly via the program with EIT, but also with a round this autumn of around 1.5 million euros. - We are working a lot with our product and the technology now and also aim to recruit a number of developers. Through the networks in Europe that this program provides, we can continue to develop those pieces, says Nancy Adrenberg. The events that the companies are offered a place at this autumn are Future Mobility in Berlin, Disraptor in Prague and the Tomorrow Mobility World Congress, part of the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC22) in Barcelona.

The Swedish companies in the program:

Mioo Cycling Offers mobile service, insurance and anti-theft labeling to bicycle owners. Developed an app to book service for the home. Founded in 2019 and are established in Stockholm and London.

Eljun Created a network for energy sharing primarily aimed at owners of electric vehicles. In the tool, the user can see where they can use energy from other users and, via AI technology, buy energy when the price is at its lowest. The network is based on a blockchain system where users are allocated digital coins with which they can buy electricity.

Jonna Platform for renting bicycles. The user pays a fixed monthly fee to rent a bicycle for a fixed or flexible time. The bike is delivered directly to the home and free service and repair is included. Active in Stockholm and Uppsala.

Allihop The company based in Malmö has developed a service for companies to book sustainable business trips. The platform gathers all types of green travel – such as trains, buses, electric scooters, carpools and bicycles – in one and the same place."

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